Good Food Guide Review Update: April 2015

Good Food Guide Review Update: April 2015

Good Food Guide Review Update: April 2015

We recently received a terrific review from Melbourne’s Good Food Guide Judges. Great job Centonove Team.

Red sauce runs in Melbourne’s blood. Our Italian migrant population is responsible for much of what has shaped us as a food city. Coffee? We had the first espresso machines outside Europe, and our small bars only exist because our Italian forebears fought for liquor licences so they could have wine with dinner at their small cafes. We have champion Sicilian, Calabrian and Sardinian restaurants, and better yet, the best stuff doesn’t always come with a three-figure price tag. Here it is: the best pasta and focaccia this city can throw your way.


Downstairs is tight and bustling; upstairs is quieter, but over both levels there’s the gleam of light on glasses and deft service. The menu always reflects seasonal availability, so braised goat with soft polenta might not always be on, but dishes always turn traditional Italian modern. Yellowfin tuna is served crudo, its softness balanced by pistachios, mint and ruby grapefruit segments. Opened in 1997, the Kew restaurant is still punching with the energy of a place in its early prime.

109 Cotham Road, Kew, 9817 6468

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